Knowing Me Knowing You

Brief: For a category team to get closer to their customers and understand how they shop both their own and competitor offers.

Approach: Customer immersion day involving; team workshop setting objectives, customer and team shopping trips to competitor and own stores, reconvened focus group in hotel, photos taken on shopping trips were then projected during the group as stimulus. The final stage of the immersion day was to end with a team strategy workshop and customer vox pops.

Outcomes: The process gave the team valuable customer insights of their current performance, a workshop debrief and summary film to develop a five year strategic vision.

Stick 'em up

Brief: To test a new revolutionary underwear concept asking respondents to trial the product in various real life situations.

Approach: Three staged approach involving initial in-home depths and exposure to prototype followed by three wearing occasions; at work, at a restaurant, in a nightclub, with respondents keeping video diaries and photos pre and post the trial. Concluded by in-home depth interviews reviewing the experience.

Outcomes: Key insights brought to life by video film and wear-ability photos guiding its development, marketing and positioning prior to launch in the UK.

More Tea Vicar?

Brief: To test a brand new unique cafe proposition for the UK market to take on all those Italian boys!

Approach: Creative conceptual focus groups exploring; the look, the feel, the branding, the service, the product offer and overall positioning.

Outcomes: The result was the launch of a cafe chain with customer insights at the heart of its conception. Whilst retaining some of the brand core values, the concept has also pushed the brand to a more contemporary and improved quality positioning.

New Kid on the Block

Brief: To look at a new small store format, its impact on shopping behaviour and relevance to shopper needs.

Approach: A flexible variety of approaches adapted in line with the launch process, including, focus groups, pre and post accompanied shopping trips, telephone interviews, exit interviews, customer profiling and a summary insight film.

Outcomes: We identified the impact of the new store format on shopper behaviour and provided tactical and strategic guidance for its future development.