Brand of the Year Finalist

Gingersnap worked with C P Foods to help test and develop their Taste Inc brand of microwavable snacks. This involved a series of halls taste testing different variants as well as branding and packaging work. We were thrilled when the company were shortlisted for the Grocer Brand of the Year award 2015. Unfortunately they didn’t win but the brand continues to grow and expand based on solid consumer insights.

Yes Prime Minister

Gingersnap Research was recently invited to attend an event organised by the ‘Start Up Britain’ team at the Department for Business, Innovation & Skill. Guest speaker David Cameron was there to launch a new partnership between private enterprise and government highlighting support for start-up/growing businesses. We went along and despite not getting to shake hands with the PM himself; she did get some pretty good close up pictures. Whilst the launch was interesting in terms of helping small businesses to make use of idle public sector space, we felt it could have focused more on tackling the issue of financial support for new businesses.


Janet has now completed her parachute jump and raised over £600 for a charity which builds schools for children under 10 in remote areas of Gambia.

Janet would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored her.

What will she do next … keep coming back to find out what the next big adventure will be!