Our Approach

It’s all about using the right approach to achieve the best insights, be it traditional or more modern methods. Each project is designed and tailor-made according to your individual needs and the type of customer you have, with the flexibility to change and adapt during the process.

Creative and Visual Techniques
We use creative techniques within the research to uncover the often ‘missed’ but crucial insights that can inform those ‘light bulb’ moments for your business.

We can bring these to life with various video and film techniques to give credibility and visual impact to the research findings, this can be a powerful selling tool within your business.

Our Service

Whatever your need, we’d love to help.

  • Do you want to understand your customers behaviour?
  • Are you looking to launch a new brand, product or store format?
  • Does a brand need revitalising?
  • Do you want to develop a motivating and relevant communications campaign?
  • Is it time for a packaging review?

We tackle all kinds of research from NPD to store concept development, branding to shopper behaviour, communications to packaging and more, providing you with clear direction and realistic solutions for your business throughout.

Our Expertise

We love to work in all kinds of areas, building up knowledge within that sector or business to enhance our analysis, understanding and interpretation of your insights.

Indeed working in different industries often means we can draw from our learning’s across these sectors to provide additional ‘big picture’ insights or trends thereby providing more depth and context to your research findings.

Areas we have worked in include; retail, FMCG, DIY, fashion, supermarkets, home shopping, leisure & eating out, media, children and youth, the ‘grey’ market, health education, further education and public sector.